Employee Training

Employee Training Service

JTCI provides unique employee training which is basic on the spirit of Japanese hospitality.
The curriculum targets Chinese customers, which will help you learn Know-How about selling Jobs and customer service.
The instructor is good at first impression analysis, who will give you advices about Strengthen personal branding at future work.

Training of Japanese Business

Training of Japanese Business Etiquette using foreign languages.

We teach people who use foreign language(chiefly Chinese) at work about Japanese business etiquette.
Customer service training targets English-speaking and chainese customers.
You can learn Know-How about selling Jobs and customer service.

There are many troubles that some people cannot display their ability completely since they are not familiar with Japanese habit and Japanese Business Etiquette.

After our training…

Our training does not just include classroom lecture but also role-playing. (Role-playing is the main part in our training.)
The instructor will help you find out your strong and weak point, and be more confident at your future work.

This training perfect for you if you are….

Foreigners(Chinese) working at Japanese companies with Japanese colleagues.
Japanese providing customer service in Chinese.
Oversea students having a will to work with Japanese.

In addition, we will make training in accordance to the your request.
Please feel free to contact us with questions.