Promotion Targeting Foreign Visitors / Tax & Duty Free Supporting Team

We (JTCI Tokyo, Peking, Shanghai, Taipei) support your promotion which targets foreign visitors with our strong network of over 700 travel agencies in 9 Asian countries. Our direct approach towards travel agencies (outbound to Japan) will be the true answer for your real needs regarding promotion which target foreign visitors.

Anyone who needs support in Japan

*We welcome and direct customers towards our liaison shop and facilities
*Visiting Japan Promotion
*Provide advice in relation to promotions for foreigners
*PR, promotion, and releasing information abroad.

*Supporting team for customers services approaching foreigners
*Production of advertising tools and goods in foreign languages
*Distributing PR or promotion goods & leaflets to foreigners
*Interpretation & translation, etc promotion)
Advertising space available

Anyone who needs support abroad

*We act as overseas sales and business representative.
*We assist you during your business trip abroad.
*We act as a mediator for your business in relation to local travel agencies.
*We help you to make appointment, interpretation, and escorting you along the trip.
*We do surveying and questionnaires through travel agencies.

For example, news about promotions for foreign visitors

Any problem concerning the start of your promotion activities regarding foreigner visitors. (Equipment of Infrastracture)

Want to make your company and product better known abroad. (PR/advertisement)


Take questionnairs through overseas travel agencies. (Surveying)

Want to visit local travel agencies. (Business trip regarding travel industries)


Want to find a partner for your business abraod. (Business Representatives)