About Business Support in China

Information, research, interpretation, translation, marketing, partnership with local companies, business representative, any support regarding human resources

  • Want to attract more customers from China?
  • Want to conduct a survey?
  • Want to gain local support and assistance during your business trip or site seeing?
  • Want to have better PR (PR/campaign/advertising) to Chinese market?
  • Want to enlarge your market?
  • Want to establish partnership with local companies (agent/representative)?
  • Want to make request of interpretation or translation?
  • Want to entrust your local business in China (Shanghai/Beijing)?
  • Want a outlet for your business in China?
  • Need support for your way into the market of China?
  • Need support for your exhibition or local event?
  • Want to conduct a market survey?

We function as a trustee outlet for your business in Beijing or Shanghai.

  • We function as a forward base for your business
  • Communication service
  • Research
  • Varieties of agencies and representive services
  • PR for the Chinese market
  • Market enlargement
  • Support for sales and promotion
  • Support for development of local business outlet

Web promotion of JTCI

Banner advertisement available at the website uu.jp which is managed by JTCI
You can reach the Chinese market through the internet for PR and advertisement!
Introduction of main content
  • 5% OFF coupon for Kansai International Airport
  • Reservation of rental mobile phone and WiFi device
  • Electronic bulletin board about tourist information in Japan
  • Latest news and subjects about tourist spot
  • Information about tourism in Japan
  • Site link for reservation of duty free products in Narita International Airport
What is “uu.jp”? Tourist information website for tourist who read Chinese language
Main user 1. Chinese 2. Chinese who live in Japan 3.Hongkonger 4. Taiwanese
Month access rate 6 million hits (2013 achieved)
Posting space Top page of JTCI managed Chinese language website “uu.jp”.
Price list Small space advertisement : 30,000JPY/month
Large space advertisement: 60,000JPY/month
Languages available Simplified Chinese Character